Sunday, April 6, 2014

18 Cryptograms of Western University (Part 3/Final)

Recently, it appears that the code has essentially been "cracked". I am essentially just making this post in order to conclude what happened.

The article can be found here

According to the article, it wasn't actually a "code" at all, but rather a sort of social art experiment. While 121 letters were hidden a few years ago, it seems they have only had widespread attention at this point.

The result may not be especially exciting for the code-breaker, or armchair detective, but I suppose it has its own merits. After all, our analysis had suggested that the text wasn't very carefully formatted, suggesting that the attempt wasn't to deliver the entire message. Additionally, there was the oddity of giving several of the same letter (content wise) with nigh negligible differences. Essentially it suggested the idea that there wasn't much to find in the letter content.

However, I was hoping that they were trying to make a point with the objects and the pictures they chose.

I hope that I hear from the creator of this at some point. I'm not especially interested in tracking them down, but I would be interested in hearing their reasoning for choosing to do the things they did.

Until then, Happy Sleuthing.

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