Thursday, February 27, 2014

Einstein Puzzle Non-Spoiler Answer Checker

I built this little checker in order for those who don't want the answer spoiled for them, to check their work. This is specifically for the Einstein Puzzle.

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How to use it:

Let's say you want to check to see if the "Brit lives in the Red house". Below are a few charts separated by the Nationality of the owner. I've hidden the answers by changing the background color to the same as the font color. You can see inside the boxes if you highlight them.

Here are more detailed instructions:

Step 1. Go down to the section with the heading "Brit".
Step 2.Next, look at the chart. Find the column that says "color", and find "Red" in there.
Step 3. You should see something that looks like a little grey rectangle, like this:
Red Y
Highlight the black square with your mouse (left click and hold it down. Then drag over it). It should look something like this:

Red Y

Step 4. 
  • If the letter inside the grey rectangle is "Y", that means that (in our example), the Brit DOES live in the red house. 
  • If the letter inside is a "N", then the Brit does not.

Step 5. Go ahead and check your answers. Careful not to highlight too much and spoil it for yourself though!

Note: You may have a few issues if you are using a mobile.


Drinks Pet Smokes Color Number
Tea N Dogs N Pall Mall Y Red Y N
Coffee N Birds Y Dunhill N Green N N
Milk Y Fish N Blends N Yellow N Y
Juice N Cats N Bluemaster N Blue N N
Water N Horses N Prince N White N N


Tea NDogs YPall Mall NRed NN
Coffee NBirds NDunhill NGreen NN
Milk NFish NBlends NYellow NN
Juice YCats NBluemaster YBlue NN
Water NHorses NPrince NWhite YY



Tea YDogs NPall Mall NRed NN
Coffee NBirds NDunhill NGreen NY
Milk NFish NBlends YYellow NN
Juice NCats NBluemaster NBlue YN
Water NHorses YPrince NWhite NN



Tea NDogs NPall Mall NRed NY
Coffee NBirds NDunhill YGreen NN
Milk NFish NBlends NYellow YN
Juice NCats YBluemaster NBlue NN
Water YHorses NPrince NWhite NN



Tea NDogs NPall Mall NRed NN
Coffee YBirds NDunhill NGreen YN
Milk NFish YBlends NYellow NN
Juice NCats NBluemaster NBlue N4 Y
Water NHorses NPrince YWhite NN


  1. Sorry, but how long did you take to solve it?. If you took less than an hour, ok, you are right, but sincerely if you didn't know that the German has fish with this discard method you couldn't take less than an hour. I solved that QUIZ some years ago and I can say that I solved it in less than an hour, Around 45 mins, and it was because I lost time trying with the discard method, whether not in 15 mins I think someone can solve it. But the point is that folowing what Einstein said, the method you used was wrong and for me you are showing it clearely in what you named "spoiler". It is not so. Sorry !!, I repeat again QUIZ < 1 hour